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NJ USAG MAG Rules and Policies

NJ State Championships Qualification

Updated 10/14/2023

To qualify for NJ State Championships:

1.) Level 3, 4, and 5 athletes must participate in three NJ local events.


2.) Platinum level athletes must participate in two NJ local events.


Participation is defined as being registered for the competition via the USA Gymnastics reservation system and having a paid entry fee. Medical exemptions with supporting documents will be considered. Requests for medical exemptions must be made prior to the refund request deadline for a refund and have the event count towards NJ State Championship qualifications.

3.) There is no qualification requirement for all other levels to qualify to NJ State Championships.

Club Track Local and State Championship

Competition Format

Updated 1/9/2024

For all NJ USAG MAG local competitions and state championships:


1.) Events: Club track athletes will participate for awards on five of the six MAG events; floor exercise, still rings, vault, parallel bars, and the horizontal bar. Pommel horse or mushroom will be for exhibition only.

2.) Team Competition:

   (a) Team awards will only be given at the platinum level.

   (b) Team scores will be calculated by taking the sum of the highest five scores on each event.

   (c) Teams will be a combination of all age groups, unless otherwise specified. 

   (d) The minimum number of members for a team is five. Participating clubs will be combined with other clubs to form a complete team.

   (e) There is no maximum number of team members. If necessary, teams may be broken into separate rotations, but their scores will still be combined.


3.) ​Individual Competition: Individual all around awards for all levels will be presented at each competition.


4.) Uniforms: As per USA Gymnastics, participants are not required to wear typical competition uniforms. Athletes are highly encouraged to wear matching t-shirts or the like with their club logo.

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